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Previous Entry /home, /home on the range... Jul. 18th, 2005 @ 12:36 am Next Entry
The gas range, you'd think, from the number of problems with it. It fell back to read-only some time yesterday (Sunday), and now the entire machine has dropped off the net as of 00:02. Phil tells me there's a new disk ready for someone, probably me, to put in today (Monday), so I'll do that as soon as I have all the information and the disk, and union IT lets me in. Now *if* the current one has failed the same way as before, then no data has been lost, but this is not a guarantee. In any case there is a recent backup from the last time this happened, so we don't expect anything too drastic.

Update: /home is running off a temporary 35GB partition on a newly installed drive, and proper mirroring will hopefully be set up this evening.
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